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My Strategy for Obtaining Valuable Feedback from Showings

Obtaining accurate feedback from other agents is crucial in the listing process. To position your property correctly in the current market, we utilize various techniques in order to obtain valuable feedback from other agents while formulating a concrete marketing strategy.

Post Showing Feedback

Once hitting the market, showing agents provide feedback that can help in addressing any deficiencies potential buyers are noticing and re-position the property if necessary. Agents obtain feedback in a variety of ways, however, the most common is a short drop down form seen below.

While Other Agents choose a standard drop down fields menu, with one word answers to rate your showing experience, I do not prefer this method for the following reasons:

  • Brief, one word predetermined answers rarely deliver useful information
  • Drop down fields can be left blank
  • Agents are not required to leave property specific feedback in the comments section
  • Agents can choose not to send feedback at all

My Strategy

I will personally call and track down, if necessary, each agent that shows your home so I can have a conversation with them regarding your listing. I find that even a brief conversation can provide more useful and tailored feedback than the method above. This feedback will then be delivered to you for consideration.